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Stay updated on the latest discoveries in the field of pathogens with our Pathogens in the Spotlight. By utilizing third-generation sequencing as a cutting-edge diagnostic tool, we are able to uncover new pathogens, gain a deeper understanding of disease complexes, and provide advanced strain characterization opportunities. Don't miss out on these exciting developments.

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Follow-our research updates: Expanding diagnostics by a better understanding of the respiratory microbiome in pigs

Adelaide Panattoni, a scientist at PathoSense, has been awarded a 4-year industrial PhD fellowship (Baekeland) by the Flemish Agency of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In collaboration with UAntwerpen, her research aims to develop a PathoSense assay that can effectively detect virulence factors from harmful bacteria. Additionally, the characterization of beneficial bacteria will help identify potential new probiotic candidates. Read the full article on our website.

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